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From 1992 to 2012, Gordon Lore was the Founding Editor and Editor of several magazines and websites in the kidney disease and renal transplantation arena. These included Contemporary Dialysis & Nephrology, For Patients Only, Nephrology INCITE, the Renal Support Network and KidneyTimes. Gordon was a nominee for the prestigious first annual Medal of Excellence Award from the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP). The medal is considered as “the Nobel Prize of the Renal Care Field.” Lore was on the jury and led the way for the award of the second annual Medal of Excellence.

Gordon has also written hundreds of patient profile articles on kidney patients who have led exemplary lives in spite of their life-threatening disease. One of these stories written by Lore resulted in the first and only dialysis clinic being set up in the only hospital on the island country of Belize. Prior to this, patients had to go to a different country for their treatment.

Lore has also interviewed and worked with many of the top nephrologists (kidney doctors) and renal transplant surgeons internationally, including Christopher R. Blagg, MD, Peter Crooks, MD, Eli Friedman, MD, Jack W. Moncrief, MD, Keith Norris, MD, Dimitrios Oreopoulos, MD, Emil Paganini, MD, Thomas Peters, MD, Belding Scribner, MD, and Zbylut Twardowski, MD.

Following are full-text versions of a few of the thousands of articles on kidney disease and renal transplantation Gordon Lore has written and published. (Click title to view article)

  • Capt. Ardell Lien Makes History as the First Heart/Kidney Transplant Patient to Sail Solo Around the World

  • OPO Official Addresses the Alleged Premature Organ Retrieval Actions of a Renal Transplant Surgeon
    Interview with Bryan Stewart and conducted by Gordon Lore, with the Assistance of Shari Gilford, Renal Support Network Editors

  • For Dialysis Patient Joe Ogonowski, Teaching Others to Skate Through Life Isn't an Option, It's a Crusade

  • Did You Know? Belding Scribner, MD, the Father of Chronic Dialysis, Made History in 1960

  • Kids With Kidney Disease Can Realize Their Dreams and Live Long, Normal, Productive Lives

  • New Medicare Reform Bill - A Quick Review

  • Home Hemodialysis Patient Advocate George Harper Doesn't Let Retirement Slow Him Down

  • Atlantis Dialysis Focuses on Puerto Rico as an Ideal Vacation Spot

  • Did You Know? Willem J. Kolff, MD, the Father of Dialysis

  • Did You Know? Nobel Prize Laureate Joseph E. Murray, MD, Performed the First Successful Kidney Transplant

  • Did You Know? Richard Bright, MD, FRS, Physician Extraordinary to the Queen, is Known as the 'Father of Nephrology'

  • Did You Know? The Term 'Dialysis' Was First Used in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1861

  • From Rome to Seattle: A Short History of Dialysis

  • Stem Cell Research and Kidney Disease

  • NKF Develops Transplant Recipients’ Bill of Rights

  • What Should Nephrology Doctors and Nurses Know About Cultural Awareness in Dialysis?

  • The Critical Importance of Dialysis Unit Patient and Staff Properly Preparing For a Disaster Cannot Be Overstated

  • The KCER Coalition and Fresenius Medical Care Lead the Way in Disaster Preparedness For Dialysis Patients and Facilities

  • Why Should Dialysis Clinics Have Disaster Insurance?

  • The Kidney Connection

  • Renal Teen Prom
  • For about 15 years, Gordon Lore was the Editor of For Patients Only (FPO) magazine, the only nationwide publication devoted strictly to kidney dialysis and transplant patients. The magazine received a large number of unsolicited Letters of Commendation while Gordon was the editor. Included are the following letters of recommendation:

    • "I can't tell you how pleased and relieved I was to receive the last copy of FOR PATIENTS ONLY. You certainly have done me proud... God bless. I shall keep in touch."
      Elizabeth Despard Ward, OBE, HonLLD
      President, The British Kidney Patient Association
      Bordon, England
    • "Thank you for publishing my story in Lifestyles & Profiles. I have had excellent feedback from patients and dialysis center personnel."
      Sue Astrum
      President, Astrum Productions
      Los Angeles, California
    • "I very much enjoy FOR PATIENTS ONLY and CONTEMPORARY DIALYSIS & NEPHROLOGY... These stories strike resonant chords with some readers and have induced many to seek further information."
      Curtis L. Atkin, PhD
      Research Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Biochemistry,
      University of Utah (ret.), Holladay, Utah
    • "I like reading FOR PATIENTS ONLY with all the positive articles about the good things that are available for a better way of living for those of us with kidney failure."
      Raul Avalos
      Commerce, California
    • "I am still rather astounded at the [positive overwhelming] response from your Lifestyles & Profiles cover story."
      Philip G. Cohen
      Houston, Texas
    • "You did a wonderful job with [my piece], a view with which everyone is in agreement... The head of public relations at DIAWA Securities is married to a dialysis patients and was very enlightened by the article. I have already received a number of calls from patients who read the piece."
      Laurie Fierstein
      Weight Trainer
      New York, New York
    • "I look forward to receiving each new issue of FPO. Many of the articles are very interesting and useful. The contents are of interest not only to renal patients, but also to family, friends and healthcare workers. Keep up the good work."
      Gerald J. Gravel
      Endfield, New Hampshire
    • "This is just to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed reading your magazine. It had a lot of subjects that my husband could relate to and his mind was put at ease in a lot of cases. We are grateful for your magazine as I'm sure everyone who receives it is. Keep on with the good work."
      Dolores Greco
      (Location unknown)
    • "I was indeed thrilled and surprised by the stories your publication carries. I enjoyed the articles very much."
      Ira Haigh
      Editor, "Newsline"
      National Kidney Foundation of Nevada
      Henderson, Nevada
    • "I recently read a copy of FOR PATIENTS ONLY and was very impressed. The articles were interesting and timely. Most importantly, they were written for and to the patients and on their level. It's an excellent magazine! Thank for putting together such a great publication."
      Diana Hopper, RN
      Indiana Kidney Center South
      Indianapolis, Indiana
    • "An article by Gordon Lore... presented an investigative report of the [dialysis cruise scam] situation. [He not only mentioned] the company with the problems, but went out of his way to remind patients that there are at least some legitimate dialysis cruise travel companies. He chose to inform his readers so they could make educated decisions, not just scare them. We applaud his journalistic integrity!"
      Sheryll Rowett, RN
      The Dialysis Traveller
      Madison, Connecticut
    • "You wrote a great story [in the Lifestyles & Profiles section], and Grace and I thank you for it."
      Henry Sandig, AIA
      Phoenix, Arizona
    • "You edited my story beautifully, and the illustrations made it really professional. You are providing a valuable service for people like me and it does not go unappreciated."
      Beverly Stroh
      (Location unknown)
    • "I recently read FOR PATIENTS ONLY for the first time and found it to be very enlightening... Your magazine is truly an inspiration for many. Keep up the good work, Mr. Lore!"
      Carol A. Vega
      Bollingbrook, Illinois